Archetype Cocktails To-Go

The days are getting longer, and the weather is getting nicer, so while sheltering at home you can enjoy some of the Denver’s finest crafted cocktails. With all the new activity and re-opening news, it can be easy to forget that craft distilleries like Archetype Distillery, still aren’t able to serve customers on-site while COVID-19 restrictions are in place – but we are making thirsty Denverites happy by providing alcohol to go services!

In addition to bottled vodka and gin, Archetype Distillery is offering cocktails to go – complete with fresh ingredients, garnishes, and instructions on how to make your own delectable mixed drinks at home. See what we have to offer below!


The perfect drink for a hot summer day! This is the Archetype take on a “hard seltzer” cocktail – and you won’t be disappointed. Made with our distillates (clear spirits vacuum distilled from all-natural ingredients), it has all the flavor without sacrificing the alcohol content! Our distillates are made from our in-house neutral spirits, then pumped full of flavor using hand-selected fruits, nuts, roots, and botanicals. Mixed with club soda, this creates the light, fizzy cocktail that has taken the nation by storm. So while your friends are guzzling down whatever canned seltzer is available, the great thing about Archeseltzers is you have the ability to mix and match your own flavors! You can create your own cocktail with your choice of up to two distillates. Archeseltzers are all-natural, low calorie, with no chemicals or additives. Try one out for yourself today!

Archetype Tonic and Lime

If you enjoy a classic tonic and lime, you’ll enjoy this Archetype twist! Our tonic is made in house with a unique formula of all-natural ingredients that features our local Colorado Palisade peaches for a brightness and just the perfect sweetening. It’s then mixed with our Archangel Vodka or Archrival Gin, depending on your preference, to create an exceptional cocktail. We top it off with our lime atomizer for added aroma and flavor and seal it in a 1-liter mason jar for your enjoyment. Simply pour over ice and enjoy! Purchase your Archetype Tonic and Lime!

The Rouge

Are you an avid wine drinker who wants to try something outside the box? The Rouge is perfect for you. Created from our saignee from our grape-based spirits, it’s mixed with club soda and both of our spirits. This creates a rich grape flavor with the light fizz of club soda to balance it out. A lemon atomizer is sprayed on top to enhance the flavors. Enjoy this unique cocktail tonight!

The J.C.

Denver’s best Bloody Mary! Our house-made Bloody Mary mix is unlike anything you’ve tasted before. Our Archangel Smoked Vodka provides the smoky flavor found in Bloody Mary toppings and our lemon and olive distillates provide all the flavor desired in the perfect Bloody Mary. Order one for your Sunday brunch today!

Enjoy the taste of Archetype from home with one of these craft cocktails! Order online and pick them up curbside or get them delivered right to your door. Delivery hours are Monday – Friday 11:30am-6pm and Saturday and Sunday by request. Cheers!