Our Story

The Archetype journey from prototype to Archetype

Distilled from Wine Grapes

Using Old World tradition with American innovation, we are proud to raise the bar for what consumers can expect out of a premium gin and vodka brand.

We believe that sometimes the best path forward can be found in the past. The original recipes of gin and vodka were distilled from wine grapes. Those recipes produced more balanced spirits than what many consumers have come to know today, and we are proud to bring them back to life; to go against the grain, do things differently, and honor traditions from the past to pave way for the future of our cocktails. Through research and curiosity, these Old World distilling processes and recipes have helped us to deliver high-quality spirits with a unique and authentic flavor profile.




Sip Slowly, Savor the Surprise

As a spirits brand distilled from wine grapes, we delight in giving our customers a
taste they’ve never experienced before. Too many consumers only associate vodka with cocktails that mask the spirit’s taste, too many think all gin resembles a pine
tree. We take the statement “I don’t like clear spirits,” as a challenge — we’re here to
change the minds of spirit enthusiasts.

We don’t overload our cocktails with over-the-top garnishes because we do not want to waste products or use them unnecessarily; we craft our drinkable garnishes to be
sustainable and at the peak of flavor to ensure a quality experience in each glass.
And we make sure to cultivate a culture of curiosity in our bartenders and distillers to
properly capture each tasting note that our consumers give to us in an effort to create
a memorable experience.

So sip slowly and savor the surprise. It may change how you feel about gin
and vodka for good.

One craft drink at a time.


If you put good in, you get good out. If the ingredients we source don’t excite our epicurean mindset, we don’t use them. We seek only the finest distilling methods to create the high-quality spirits our customers desire.




Michael’s interest in the field of distilling stems from his family’s background of exploring independent spirits. He set out to make the distillery a reflection of his identity. While bartending in New York and working in the healthcare industry, Michael decided he wanted a life change and moved to Colorado to begin his quest of owning and operating a bespoke distillery and social epicenter. After earning his Moonshine University certificates in Louisville, KY, he enhanced his skill base through multiple distillation and fermentation certificate programs, on both a domestic and international level. He has also engaged with a number of gin distillers throughout the UK, gaining critical insights into historical and contemporary distilling techniques from the origination of modern gin.